Worst of #Philly1stDay

Yesterday, the students of Philadelphia returned to schools that are understaffed, short on resources, and filled to the brim with students. At the suggestion of The Notebook, many tweeted about their experiences using the hashtag #Philly1stDay

Here is our collection of some of the tweets that represent #Philly1stDay:

no librarian


capa one secretary


already spent 100


60 percent no councelors


trash for paper


bad water


bullying victim


favorite teachers gone


grieving students


helen- one coun for 3000


in car on safe routes


kids on floor


list of missing staff


lost councelor impact




no honors classes


no librarian


no money for stamps


over crowded class


parent volunteer


spanish speakers


we know there is money


And despite these messages from students from staff (there were many more that this), we recieved this message from Superintendent Hite:

hite message


And this from the Philadelphia School Partnership:

psp message

Nothing was said about #philly1stday from Mayor Nutter or Governor Corbett. 



6 Responses to “Worst of #Philly1stDay”

1 counselor for 850 plus students at FLC. NO Librarian, 40 plus students in classes, No Deans, No Disciplinarian, 1 secretary, and NO Asst. Principal. What will we do??

As a teacher I am seriously near tears…
What is more important than educating our future? They are our livelihood! What seeds are being planted? Instead of building more prisons to prepare for what crimes our children MAY commit in the future, we as a community-as a country can nourish each child’s dream and prepare them to be productive citizens of America. Corbett. Nutter. Release the seeds!

Students are lead by our leaders, corporations and the mangers of the structure. They build prisons so there is nothing to worry. When they become terrorists we will put them in the jails. As long as the managers of this structure are protected there is nothing to worry.
Hail Penna democracy.

Wow I think back on my time inside the #PhillyEducation system over 35 years ago…NOTHING HAS CHANGED! Dr William Hite you welcome children into neglect, into dis-heart, into resentment by underpaid teachers, into malnutrition, into bullying and to boot you welcome all of them with lossitation,,,hummm is that a word I was taught by a substitute teacher in North Philly? Any who you should be ashamed for welcoming kids into the abyss …My grandma always told me if you don’t have anything of meaning to say…JUST DON”T SAY NOTHING! Welcome? Welcome to Philly public schools?! You should never say that to someone you care about!

This district is amidst its death spiral. For the next few years, school services will be subsidized by volunteers and opportunistic non-profits. One day we’ll awaken to two dozen, privatized brick and mortars, a mass exodus of middle-class fams to the burbs, and tens of thousands of underprivileged children left to deal with the aftermath. The state determined the fate of public education in this city long before its current plight. It’s disheartening to see our kids subjected to these politics. .

I’m not a certified educator, but I have an undergraduate degree in math (Swarthmore College) and a masters in applied statistics (Villanova). I study math full-time in preparation of the preliminary actuarial exams, though I’d be thrilled to take over a math post until — or beyond — the labor shortage. I formerly worked for a test prep company and now run an, albeit small, independent tutoring practice. I’ll teach the highest (presumably AP Calc BC) or lowest levels, and reach especially out to those who possess special needs or other difficulties. Simply email me at andrew.m.bender*at*gmail.com

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