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Lessons from Katrina for the School District of Philadelphia

School started this week in Philadelphia, but things are not business as usual in the School District this year. This is the first week in which the school district is implementing its newest version of the “network model”. On July 8th, 2015, with little fanfare, the Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, Dr. William […]

Comics that can Change the World

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Excerpt from “A Piece on the Youth and Adult Prison Systems” by M. Papadopoulos, written for PSU’s documentary comics workshop. Picture this: five students, ages 15-19, crouched around a large sheet of paper — each holding onto a piece of thread, each piece of thread taped to a communal marker, the marker floating gently above the paper. […]

The Network Plan: Who are the newest additions to our School District?

When Superindentent Hite was brought to Philadelphia, his purpose was clear: enact the Boston Consulting Group’s plan for the School District of Philadelphia. This plan detailed the closing of dozens of schools in the district and a following reorganization of what was left into decentralized, independently managed “achievement networks.”   Last week, the School District […]

The Philadelphia Student Union needs a new home

This spring, the Philadelphia Student Union was evicted from our home on 42nd and Chestnut. For the past few months, we have been operating without an office. (Watch our new video to see just how challenging that can be!) We just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $11,000 to move to a new home. We […]

Student Post: #MoreThanATest Update

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“This project is a product of students taking power”…   An Update from the #MoreThanATest Campaign. Written by Nomi Martin-Brouillette.  Students have been working hard on the More Than A Test Campaign. We rolled out our twitter campaign, and have gotten hundreds of pictures from schools around the city, and country, from students, teachers, administrators, […]

Members at SLA Launch “More Than A Test” Website

When members of the Philadelphia Student Union asked their peers at Science Leadership Academy what kinds of changes they wanted to make to public education, one issue came immediately to mind for many students: High Stakes Standardized Testing. After many months of discussion, research and planning, PSU members at SLA have launched their “More Than […]

The Impact of Mumia on Me: An Essay by Sharron Snyder

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On the morning of Monday March 30th, prison officials at SCI Mahanoy say that Mumia Abu-Jamal had a “medical crisis” and was transported from the prison to the intensive care unit at the Schuylkill Medical Center, in Pottsville. PA. Shackled to the bed, alone, and prevented from knowing that his family is close by he […]

Student Analysis of Standardized Testing

In the fall of 2014, PSU member and On Blast producer, Mahala Papadopoulos set out to learn more about high stakes standardized testing in the School District of Philadelphia. Through an analysis of student perspectives, the profitable business of testing and the growing Opt Out Movement, Mahala gets deep into the unresolved issues of high […]

Philadelphia Student Union in Rolling Stone

On March 11, 2015, the power of high school students was featured in Rolling Stone, in an article by Rebecca Nathanson. The national fight for public education is growing! And more people are paying attention to students who are organizing to fight for the public education that they have a right to.  The article chronicled […]

New Media Program Launch: YEARBOOKPHL

At the Philadelphia Student Union, we believe that young people have a complex analysis about their schools and communities. We believe that in order to fight and organize around systems of oppression, we must understand how mainstream media creates narratives that keep the public at ease with the status quo. When media is used as […]