Hiram Rivera is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Student Union.  Hiram Rivera is a native of New Haven, CT, a father, an activist, and an organizer. He started his career in youth organizing as a coordinator at Youth Right’s Media in New Haven, training Black and Latino students in video production and campaign organizing around Education & Juvenile Justice issues. He most recently served as Youth Organizing Coordinator at the Urban Youth Collaborative in New York City, where he provided strategic and technical support to the community organizations that make up the UYC, as well as coordinating the city-wide campaigns to reform the NYC public school system.

Luis Gauthier is the Director of Finance and Operations and is also the Movement Music Coordinator for the Philadelphia Student Union. In 2000, Luis graduated cum laude from Temple University’s Fox school of Business earning a BBA in Accounting. He first became involved in youth development initiatives when he joined Youth Advocate Program, Inc. in 2001 as an advocate working with “at-risk” youth committed by the court system. Luis grew up in North Philadelphia and has been actively engaged in the community. He is a dedicated father of two little boys and has pledged to be a role model and mentor to the youth in his community.

Timothy Colman is the Individual Donor Coordinator for the Philadelphia Student Union. Timothy has over ten years of experience in grassroots fundraising in Philadelphia, including as the Development Coordinator of Neighborhood Bike Works for almost five years and as a founding member of the Human Rights Coalition’s Support Committee. Timothy first became involved with PSU as as a volunteer tutor in 2008. He has also served as an educator and facilitator with youth and adults on topics including soccer, math, literature, creative writing, harm reduction, restorative justice, and community response to violence.

Ociele Hawkins is a Youth Organizer with the Philadelphia Student Union. Ociele was born and raised in Philadelphia and grew up in the Point Breeze neighborhood of South Philly. For Pre K thru the 12th grade, he attended Philadelphia public schools and in 2008, he attended a Pennsylvania public university, Indiana University of PA (IUP), where he discovered a passion for social justice. Since leaving IUP in the spring of 2011, he has dedicated nearly four years of his life to being a part of building a broad, sustainable, and strong social justice movement here in Philadelphia. Ociele is now extremely excited to continue that work with PSU by supporting Philadelphia youth to feel empowered to step into leadership.

Koby Murphy is a Youth Organizer with the Philadelphia Student Union, an alumni of the Philadelphia Student Union, and a graduate of the Philadelphia School District. As a member of PSU, Koby participated in Movement Music, which was a project that aimed to share students experiences through music. As staff, Koby hopes to support PSU by developing leaders and connecting with young people.

Chantelle Bateman is a Youth Organizer with the Philadelphia Student Union. Chantelle is a product of the Prince George’s County public school system and in her youth was a member of the Superintendent’s “Student Advisory Commission,” where she worked to amplify student voice. She made Philadelphia her home in 2010 after relocating to here to organize with Veterans fighting against the wars. As an anti-militarism veteran, Chantelle has spent time traveling around the country talking with young people about the impact of war and how they can find ways to serve their country without entering the military. Chantelle joined the PSU staff in hopes of building a better school system for her own daughter and looks forward to bringing her skills as a writer, artist, and campaign strategist to the team.