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Members at SLA Launch "More Than A Test" Website

Members at SLA Launch "More Than A Test…

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Apr-15-2015

When members of the Philadelphia Student Union asked their peers at Science Leadership Academy what kinds of changes they wanted to make to public education, one issue came immediately to mind for many students: High Stakes Standardized Testing. After many months of discussion, research and planning, PSU members at SLA have launched their “More Than A Test” website- which catalogues dozens of students testimonies on why they feel their learning is not represented by standardized tests. It features students holding a sign, on which they write why they are “#MoreThanATest”. 

Student Analysis of Standardized Testing

Student Analysis of Standardized Testing

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Mar-25-2015

In the fall of 2014, PSU member and On Blast producer, Mahala Papadopoulos set out to learn more about high stakes standardized testing in the School District of Philadelphia. Through an analysis of student perspectives, the profitable business of testing and the growing Opt Out Movement, Mahala gets deep into the unresolved issues of high stakes standardized testing.  

"Test-In" and Forum on High-Stakes Testing

"Test-In" and Forum on High-Stakes …

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Mar-02-2015

On Thursday, February 26th, at the Free Library of Philadelphia, PSU members joined teachers, parents and community members for the "Test-in" & Forum on High Stakes Testing. This event was sponsored by the Caucus of Working Educators, Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools, Teacher Action Group, Parents United for Public Education, Action United, and PSU. Participants at the event answered sample PSSA and Keystone test questions and heard teachers break the code of silence and reveal the the injustice of high stakes testing from the classroom perspective. We also learned exactly how much money and time is spent on testing annually...

Citywide Meetings

Citywide Meetings are a weekly space for students from across the city to learn and work together.  We learn about issues like racism, sexism and poverty. We participate in fun activities to learn the skills it takes to be a leader. We also work on upcoming events and campaigns. 

City Wide

The Philadelphia Student Union runs citywide campaigns that bring together students from all of our chapters and additional schools to improve school district policies and practices. 

The Union Rep

The Union Rep is the bi-annual student-written newsletter of the Philadelphia Student Union. Students write about issues in their schools, recent PSU actions, and our experiences as students in Philadelphia.