The 2014-15 School Year So Far at PSU

Why Our Schools Are Far from Nonviolent

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Philadelphia Students Die-In to Protest All Forms of Violence

Philadelphia Students Die-In to Protest All F…

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Dec-19-2014

In an action organized by the Philadelphia Student Union, Boat People SOS, and Asian Americans United, students from across Philadelphia staged a die-in in front of the School District of Philadelphia.  Students were also joined by teachers, parents, clergy and PFT President Jerry Jordan. After dying-in, students gave speeches and performed poetry. Their action took place before a scheduled School Reform Commission meeting.  We, at the Philadelphia Student Union, define violence as “the power to hurt someone’s chances at survival.” Violence can take place interpersonally, but it can also happen in a system or institution. When Darren Wilson shot unarmed 18-year-old...

"Won't Back Down" Screening at the School District of Philadelphia

"Won't Back Down" Screening at the …

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Oct-16-2014

Tonight, the School District of Philadelphia screened “Won’t Back Down” for their Parent Appreciation night during their “Family Appreciation” Month. This movie, at its core, blames teachers and neighborhood schools for the failure of a broken education system that intentionally sets schools and students up to fail. This film demonizes teachers unions and promotes charter expansion as the solution to “failing” school districts. Showing a movie that blames teachers for the struggles of public schools while promoting charter expansion as the solution, a week after the SRC canceled the teachers’ contract, is a shady ploy to manipulate parents into going...

We are hiring!-- Youth Organizer

We are hiring!-- Youth Organizer

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Jul-28-2014

The Philadelphia Student Union (PSU) is a community based youth organizing and leadership development organization led by high school aged youth with adult support. PSU is national leader in the youth organizing movement with school based, citywide, statewide, and national organizing campaigns and strategies, a well-developed media and communications infrastructure, and supportive programs for members. PSU seeks a Youth Organizer.

Thursday Meetings

Thursday Meetings are a weekly space for students from across the city to learn and work together.  We learn about issues like racism, sexism and poverty. We participate in fun activities to learn the skills it takes to be a leader. We also work on upcoming events and campaigns. 

City Wide

The Philadelphia Student Union runs citywide campaigns that bring together students from all of our chapters and additional schools to improve school district policies and practices. 

The Union Rep

The Union Rep is the bi-annual student-written newsletter of the Philadelphia Student Union. Students write about issues in their schools, recent PSU actions, and our experiences as students in Philadelphia.