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The 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education: What's changed?

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BAYM (Building a Youth Movement)! Apply today…

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Jul-14-2014

It's that time of year again! We are gearing up for BAYM (Building a Youth Movement)!  BAYM is a week-long organizing institute open to ALL young people in Philadelphia. We learn about the state of education in Philadelphia today and what we can do about it. Participants learn about how to build a campaign and how to build the power to win their campaigns! During this week of leadership development, young people will gain the skills and knowledge they need to improve their schools and communities. We also work together to develop important skills, such as public speaking and having one-on-one...

PSU Productions: Our First Film Screening!

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Jun-16-2014

In January, the Philadelphia Student Union connected with three wonderful film-makers: Aidan Un, Sarah Milinski and Lendl Tellington. PSU members and our resident film-makers collaborated to create three fims on the topics of school closures, the school-to-prison pipeline and the high stakes cost of standardized testing. Students also learned the fundamentals of film-making, such as setting up their shots and how to direct actors and crew. Last week, we screened our youth-produced films to an audience for the first time! Thank you so much to the Media Mobilizing Project for lending us their space and to all the PSU supporters who...

Shut It Down! Governors Christie and Corbett Meet in Philly

Shut It Down! Governors Christie and Corbett …

By The Philadelphia Student Union on Jun-10-2014

On June 9, 2014, students, parents and teachers planned to protest Governor Corbett and Governor Christie at their joint event at the Union League. The two governors have overseen drastic cuts to public education in Philadelphia and Newark schools with disastrous consequences. Education “reform” in both cities has meant mass school closures, loss of community control and steep funding cuts that have put many students in unsafe conditions and denied them a quality education. The burden of these reforms rests disproportionately on the shoulders of youth and communities of color. PSU students and staff arrive at the Union League. Hundreds gathered outside...

Saturday Meetings

Saturday Meetings are a weekly space for students from across the city to learn and work together.  We learn about issues like racism, sexism and poverty. We participate in fun activities to learn the skills it takes to be a leader. We also work on upcoming events and campaigns. 

City Wide

The Philadelphia Student Union runs citywide campaigns that bring together students from all of our chapters and additional schools to improve school district policies and practices. 

The Union Rep

The Union Rep is the bi-annual student-written newsletter of the Philadelphia Student Union. Students write about issues in their schools, recent PSU actions, and our experiences as students in Philadelphia.